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Our Story

Moved by his passion for the sea, Ivain Bignonet has been dreaming of shaking the sailing world. At the end of his formation as an engineer, he is ambitious about replacing the chart table with a multifunction touch-sensitive device. In 2012, after years of research, the first KARA table is crafted. This first innovation will lead to the founding of KARA Technology in 2016. Today, the company from Angers offers its own solution for connected boats, works on smart boats and plans the future of autonomous boats.


Eva, the connected boat


Manage all inside comfort accomodations.


Receive a precise report of weather conditions before sailing.


Pinpoint your boat at every instant, on land or at sea and plan your sailing route.


Have a head start with your maintenance work and various mechanical or electrical interventions.

Connected for you

by Kara technology


May you be an expert or a beginner in sailing, EVA suggests practical solutions by letting you handle everything with ease.


As you are not always on board, keep an eye on your data thanks to on-board cameras and SMS alerts at any moment.


No subscription charge is needed to have access to your navigation data.


Our solutions

Eva Connect


-1 ethernet, wifi, usb NMEA server unit
-1 6-entries sensor unit (probe, thermometer, humidity sensor, accelerometer…)
-1 battery sensor unit (IBS)
-1 20-nautical miles receiving 4G/wifi antenna
-1 dedicated local user interface (smartphone or tablet)
-1 restricted distant user interface without subscription
-1 distant shipyard interface, offering a full access to data without subscription

Eva Smart


-Light, heating and air conditioning management units
-1 specific customer-management interface with:
Control over on-board devices through KARA interface:
-Solar panels, hydrokinetic turbines, wind turbines
Security management:
-Chain-descent camera
-Presence detection with phone alerts

Eva Premium


Eva Premium includes all Eva Smart features with:
-1 KARA touch-sensitive table (TV, chart table, on-board devices control)
-1 Fisheye camera on the masthead
-1 outdoor KARA computer 19”
-3 Tag Heuer connect 45 watches, connected to the boat
-1 specific local user interface
-1 no-restriction distant user interface
-Level-1 distant KARA maintenance 24/7 in English or French
-Level-2 and level-3 maintenance, 5 days a week

Frequently asked questions

No, give you a full access to your data, you have to pay for the equipment only.

No, any boat of any type and any size can apply for the EVA ssolution.

All our equipments have been deployed in important marinas for years. Moreover, the manufacture has been specialized in sailing for 50 years. Despite that, if the system were to fail, it won't affect on the functioning of the boat and you get access to a world-wide assistance.

No, you cn setup as many sensors as you wish.

The system has a very low electricity consumption. The usual electricity production devices of your boat are able to compensate the energy used by the system.

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